Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Laker Summer Team

The Lakers will field a team in the Long Beach Summer Pro League which runs from July 8-19. Here's the roster according to draftexpress.com
  • Jordan Farmar
  • Andrew Bynum
  • Nick Horvath
  • Michael Fey
  • Devin Green
  • Von Wafer
  • Marcus Douthit
  • Danilo Pinnock
  • Cedric Bozeman
  • Sasha Vujacic
Farmar and Pinnock are '06 draft picks, Bynum and Wafer, the '05 picks. Devin Green was a nondrafted FA who made the team last season and hopefully everybody knows Sasha. I'm disappointed that Turiaf isn't on the roster. I hope that isn't a sign that he won't be returning.

The rest of the group is rather uninspiring. Horvath was a back-up center at Duke who graduated in 2004. Fey came into UCLA as highly-regarded center but could never put it together and only played in 18 games for the Bruins this past season. Douthit started at center for Providence, also graduating in 2004. Bozeman is well-known to Los Angeles fans. He was recruited as the next great UCLA PG, but never really succeeded. This past season he found his niche as a do-a-little-bit-of-everything SF/SG and defensive stopper. Of the undrafted players, Bozeman has the best chance to make the NBA.

Other Notes
The Clippers will have this year's rookies (Davis & Diaz), last year's rookes (Korolev, Ewing, Singleton, NDong) and Shaun Livingston playing on their team in Vegas.

The Celtics could have the best summer league team with Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Gerald Green, Rajon Rondo, undrafted Allen Ray and the newly-acquired Sebastian Telfair.

The Miami Heat have the both-undrafted West Virgina stars, Mike Gansey and Kevin Pittsnoggle, playing on their team. I think both players should make the league and as much as I wanted the Lakers to pick Pittsnoggle, I hope the Heat sign him. There can't be a more amazing duo than Shaq and Pittsnoggle.

Gerry McNamara will be playing on the Orlando team with J.J. Redick. How high does that rank in combined hatred by college opponents by one backcourt?

Amare Stoudamire is supposed to play in Vegas with the Suns. We'll be able to see how his recovery is going.

Ron Artest is also on the Kings roster. I wish I could see Artest D'ing up some poor D-II guy just trying to make the league.

Yotam Halperin is on the Sonics roster. The first Israeli player in the NBA is slowly becoming more of a reality.

Other notable undrafted players and their summer-league teams: Brad Buckman (Dallas), Chris Hernandez (New Orleans), Christian Maraker (Sacremento), Eric Williams (New Jersey), J.P Batista (Minnesota), Justin Gray (Toronto), Marco Killingsworth (New York), Nik Caner-Medley (Detroit), Pops Mensah-Bonsu (Dallas), Rashad Anderson (Washington), Taquan Dean (San Antonio)


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I just read an article in the dallas morning news that said that the Mavs think Pops Mensah-Bonsu might make their actual NBA roster. The summer league is a fun league to watch if you have NBA TV, which I don't lol. Artest playing? That is really dumb. At least the Lakers hav Von Wafer on their team, he arguably has the coolest name in the NBA.

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