Monday, July 03, 2006

How the Lakers can get themselves a PG

Since many Laker fans are quite disenchanted with Smush Parker as the point guard of the future and the Lakers don't have any money to find themselves a different starter at PG, I've tried to scour the league for trades that might make sense for the Lakers. I've come up with two possibilites:

Chris Mihm+ Aaron McKie for Antonio Daniels, Washington or Earl Watson, Seattle

First, Laker fans need to realize that the Lakers don't have many trading chips. Mihm is attractive, but he's a very average center and if his contract wasn't coming off the books in 2007, there'd be no market for him at all. I'm not even sure either Seattle or Washington would agree to these deals, however both could use Mihm and would like the financial flexibility. For the Wizards, Mihm would instantly upgrade the center position. With Jarvis Hayes returning this year, Gilbert could move to point guard creating a line-up of Arenas, Hayes, Jamison, Jeffries, Mihm. That's a line-up with much more scoring potential than last year's. In Seattle, Watson is currently the back-up PG to Luke Ridnour. At $6mil/year, the Sonics have to feel that's a bit pricey for a bench player, especially when they have a hole at center bigger than Vanessa Bryan't ring.

Were I the Lakers, I'd do my best to try and get Watson. He's a bit smaller than what Jackson likes, but he's as tall as Derek Fisher. Also like Fish, he's a solid defender and solid 3-point shooter. Watson's ball-handling skills are slightly better than Fisher's and he'd be returning to L.A. where he starred at UCLA. Watson's acquisition would lock in the Laker's line-up for the next 3 years:

PG - Watson
SG - Kobe
SF - Walton
PF - Odom
C - Kwame


I'm not sure if that's championship level, but it's something Jackson can work with to create a winner.


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