Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Game 6 Quick Hits

  • Dallas could use a banger. Neither Diop nor Damp can really get dirty nor do they scare opposing players. Haslem's dirty work and Mourning's presence really were felt in this series, especially in game 6.
  • Jerry Stackhouse had a good 4th. His block of Posey was pretty awesome, but his first half just killed them.
  • Will anyone be talking about Shaq only having 9 points tomorrow? Miami's going to regret that 5-year extension. Shaq's good, but he's nowhere close to a $20million/year player anymore.
  • When the Mavs tied it at 79, they went into 3-pt firing mode. I know the feeling. You've clawed your way back and then want to make a big shot, but they should've been running their offense.
  • Did the Mavs just tire themselves out? The fast-breaking at the start of the game was effective, but disappeared in the 2nd half.
  • JET sure went down firing didn't he? He took a number of really stupid shots in the 4th quarter.
  • I've wondered why Marquis Daniels didn't get more minutes....I still do. He and Devin Harris should be Dallas' starting back court next year.
  • Dallas needs Ben Wallace. No idea if it's feasible with a sign-and-trade, but that'd complete them.
  • Somewhere Stan Van Gundy is quietly sobbing.
  • Yes Terry was grabbed before he hoisted his last-second shot, but the Mavs got a majority of odd calls at the end of the game (the Wade loose-ball foul, the Posey/Mourning travel, the Posey double dribble)
  • Speaking of fouls, Wade is the best at drawing fouls in the league right now. Even on small things like a rebound attempt or bringing the ball up. If he were on the US soccer team, all of Italy would have been carded off.
  • Funniest moment of the night. During the last time-out Pat Riley got quite excited and whipped his head back almost breaking Jason Kapono's nose. Michael Doleac laughed at him.
  • Shouldn't it be "Dwayne"?
  • Gary Payton and Antoine Walker both have championship rings. That upsets me greatly. I'm glad Mourning got one though. He's fought through a lot. I like Haslem too.


Blogger Mini Me said...

i am pretty depressed right now, mc. all i can do is think of a quote from the movie fever pitch:

"I like being part of something
that's bigger than me-than I.

It's good for your soul to invest
in something that you can't control."

Well i did that and my mavs lost and i am sad but at the same time i didnt lose, my mavs lost. my mavs lost and i couldnt do anything about it except sit there and take it...and that bothers me.

we will talk blogshop tomorrow or thursday.

10:30 PM  

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